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A 24/7 remote support system powered by smart home devices can help individuals remain independent, while adding an extra layer of protection.

Smart hubs play a crucial role in this by providing easy and hands-free communication with caregivers. Through voice commands, individuals can request assistance, ask for medication reminders, or simply engage in conversation to alleviate feelings of loneliness.

Motion sensors can add an extra layer of safety by monitoring activity and sending alerts based on predefined rules. Caregivers receive these notifications immediately, so they can intervene if needed.

Door/Window sensors can also provide additional security by alerting caregivers when doors or windows are opened.

Non-wearable fall detectors are a great addition to accurately detect falls, immediately sending alerts to caregivers or emergency contacts.

SOS emergency buttons placed strategically within the home can allow individuals to request help in case of emergencies. With a simple push, caregivers and guardians are notified, ensuring timely assistance.

By integrating these smart home devices, a comprehensive 24/7 remote support system is formed, enabling caregivers to provide effective care and support even when physically apart.

Smart home devices can provide invaluable remote monitoring capabilities for guardians and caregivers. Our motion sensors and door/window sensors can be programmed with custom alerts based on individualized rules. The guardians and caregivers can receive the alerts remotely on their phone or other mobile device. This gives them the ability to quickly respond to emergencies or accidents, such as falls or unauthorized access to certain areas. 

We also offer wearable devices to track the location and/or vital signs of the individual. Caregivers can receive real-time alerts or notifications if there are any abnormalities or deviations from established routines.

For the home environment, we have devices that can monitor & control lighting, temperature, and appliances remotely. Guardians and Caregivers can monitor and adjust the environment to optimize comfort and safety, especially for individuals with mobility or sensory impairments. They can also remotely lock/unlock doors or grant temporary access to trusted visitors, ensuring the security of the home while allowing easy entry for authorized personnel.

We offer smart hubs that can serve as a remarkable personal assistant. They are equipped with features that can make life more organized and efficient. With a simple voice command, you can ask the hub to set reminders for important tasks and appointments. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, picking up groceries, or taking medication, you will have timely reminders throughout the day.

Additionally, the smart hub can help you stay on top of your schedule by providing daily weather updates, so you’re always aware of any upcoming rain or severe weather. With its convenient and efficient features, the smart hub we offer truly transforms into a reliable personal assistant, making your daily life more organized and stress-free.

Smart medication dispensers revolutionize medication management by offering convenience, accuracy, and peace of mind. These devices enable individuals, especially those with complex medication regimens, to stay on track with their prescriptions effortlessly. Through intelligent technology, smart medication dispensers provide reminders and notifications for medication schedules, ensuring no dose is missed. They also offer secure storage, preventing unauthorized access and protecting medication integrity. Caregivers can remotely monitor and manage the dispenser, allowing them to support their loved ones from a distance. With these innovative devices, medication adherence becomes easier, promoting overall health and well-being.

Smart home devices offer individuals an elevated level of control over their home environment, enhancing their independence and overall quality of life. With these devices, individuals can effortlessly monitor and regulate various aspects of their home, such as lighting, temperature, appliances, and more, all through the convenience of a smartphone or simple voice commands. 

Automation and scheduling features of smart home devices add another layer of convenience and efficiency. Users can set up automations and schedules to perform tasks automatically, such as turning off lights or locking the doors at a specific time. This not only saves time but also promotes increased safety and energy efficiency.

Overall, smart home devices empower individuals to manage their homes easily and independently, fostering a sense of autonomy and improving their overall well-being.

Many of the smart devices we offer provide invaluable safety measures. For example, motion sensors and door/window sensors can be used to alert caregivers if the individual leaves the home or enters a restricted area. This ensures their safety and helps prevent wandering, granting peace of mind for the individual and their caregivers. Integrating wearable technology can enable real-time tracking of location, vital signs and fall detection. Immediate notifications can be sent to caregivers in case of emergencies, allowing for prompt assistance when required. 

Caregivers can remotely monitor the status of these sensors, ensuring that their loved ones are safe and secure even when they are not physically present. With the added convenience of remote access and control, individuals have peace of mind knowing that their homes are protected and can remain independent without compromising safety.

With smart locks, users can easily set access schedules for their homes, allowing them to grant entry to trusted guests while keeping unauthorized individuals out. Additionally, individuals can effortlessly control the lock by using simple voice commands or their smartphones, which promotes increased safety and independence. Custom schedules and routines can also be set, ensuring that the device automatically locks after a specified period of time or at a scheduled time. The remote monitoring capabilities enable caregivers to monitor from anywhere, giving them the ability to further assist when needed. This promotes safety and peace of mind of users and empowers them to control and monitor access to their homes, providing utmost security in every aspect.

Smart Hub devices offer a multitude of accessible, hands-free entertainment options. With just your voice, you can enjoy music streaming from popular services like Amazon Music, Spotify, and Pandora. Ask the hub to play your favorite artist, genre, or playlist and immerse yourself in an audio experience without lifting a finger. 

Smart hubs can also read audiobooks, provide news updates, and even play interactive games, all with a simple voice command. With their intuitive voice control, the smart hubs we offer make entertainment accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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