Bed Pressure Sensor

A bed pressure sensor is a device designed to detect and monitor pressure changes on a bed surface. It is especially relevant for individuals who may have limited mobility or are at risk of developing bed sores. The sensor is placed under the mattress and continuously measures pressure distribution, allowing caregivers or medical professionals to respond quickly and prevent potential injuries.. This sensor enhances safety, promotes good health, and provides peace of mind for individuals who require extra care.

– Pressure detection: The sensor detects and monitors pressure changes on a bed surface.

– Bed sore prevention: Helps in preventing the development of bed sores for individuals at risk.

– Placement under the mattress: The sensor is discreetly placed under the mattress for continuous monitoring.

– Continuous monitoring: Allows caregivers and medical professionals to respond quickly to pressure changes.

– Enhanced safety: Helps in avoiding potential injuries and promoting the well-being of individuals.

– Peace of mind: Provides reassurance and peace of mind to caregivers and loved ones.

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