Leak Detectors w/ Automatic Shut-off Valve

The smart leak detection system with an automatic shutoff valve is designed to detect water leaks in the home and automatically shut off the water supply to prevent extensive damage.

This system consists of sensors strategically placed in areas prone to water leaks, alongside a central control unit and an automatic shutoff valve. Some key uses and features of this system include:

– Early Leak Detection: The system utilizes sensors that sense even the smallest traces of water, enabling early detection of leaks before they escalate.

– Real-time Notifications: Once a leak is detected, the system sends immediate notifications to the user’s smartphone or connected devices, allowing for instant action to be taken.

– Automatic Water Shutoff: In the event of a leak, the system automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent further damage, providing peace of mind even when no one is present on-site.

– Remote Monitoring and Control: Users can monitor and control the system remotely through a smartphone app, enabling them to check the status, receive alerts, and even manually shut off the water supply if needed.

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