SOS Buttons

These compact and easy-to-use devices provide a simple and immediate way to call for help or assistance whenever needed. They come in 3 different styles and can be wall mounted, or worn as a pendant or wristband. We also have SOS buttons with an added pull cord, to make them easier to reach and activate.

Here’s how they can be helpful:

– Immediate alert for caregivers: With just a push of a button or a pull of the cord, all designated caregivers receive an immediate alert, ensuring that help is dispatched as quickly as possible.

– Quick access to help: Individuals can easily activate the SOS button to send distress signals to caregivers, ensuring prompt assistance.

– Peace of mind: The individual gains a sense of security knowing that help is just a button press away.

– Portable and versatile: The small size and wireless connectivity of these buttons allow users to carry them throughout the home, ensuring help is always accessible.

– Easy to use: Our SOS buttons are designed to be user-friendly, featuring large buttons and/or pull cords, making them suitable for everyone.

Overall, Our SOS buttons offer an invaluable lifeline for individuals, allowing them to reach out for assistance whenever they need it. By providing immediate alerts to caregivers and enabling quick access to help, these buttons enhance safety, peace of mind, and independence.

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