OME Smart Stove Knobs

The OME Smart Stove Knobs are designed to enhance safety and ease-of-use in the kitchen. These smart knobs come equipped with various features that promote independence and reduce the risk of accidents.

The knobs offer adjustable settings for temperature control and automatic shut-off capabilities for added safety. Additionally, the smart knobs can be connected to a smartphone or a voice assistant, allowing users to control their stove remotely or through voice commands. For individuals with cognitive impairments, the knobs provide visual and auditory cues for better guidance during cooking tasks. Overall, the OME Smart Stove Knobs empower individuals to cook safely and independently, making the kitchen a more accessible space for all.

– Adjustable temperature control: Allows personalized heat settings for cooking.

– Automatic shut-off: Enhances safety by preventing accidental fires.

– Remote control and voice command integration: Enables control of the stove from a smartphone or through voice commands.

– Visual and auditory cues: Assist individuals with cognitive impairments in following cooking tasks.

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